In an age of speed, distraction, and incessant movement, online therapy can fulfill the need for slowing down, focusing inward, and staying put. You can have a virtual conversation about what matters most to you in the comfort of your own home. Going inside yourself vs. going outside is after all what therapy is about. Thus, engaging with your inner world from a place where you feel most yourself at a time when you most need it could prove invaluable. Online therapy allows to visit this inner landscape without the stress of commuting, dealing

with traffic, parking, taking time off work or other responsibilities, etc. 


Video sessions are conducted via a secure platform that ensures reliable and trustworthy data protection. You will receive a link for the video appointment that you will click on when our session is scheduled to start. The fee for a video session is $125. If you have Aetna insurance, you will only pay a copayment just like in traditional therapy. 


Online therapy is only available to residents in the state of New York. Evening and weekend appointments are often available.