Therapy can change the way we see ourselves. It can alter the way we see the world. An honest conversation about what is true within us can open a door into a world we may never have known was there, a world full of beauty, peace, wonder, and joy. Therapy at its best calls forth our deepest sense of who we are. It dares us to break free from our history and safe strategies of the anxious mind. It gives us the courage to give voice to our deepest longings—the desire for meaning, for love, for belonging, and for a sense of comfort in our own skin.

To listen, to pay attention, Simone Weil reminds us, is the purest form of generosity. In therapy, we talk, we put words to what has been unsayable before, but we also listen. We listen to the whisperings of our heart and what it thirsts for. We slow down in order to notice what was there all along, but was obscured by projections, adaptations, painful emotions, other people’s opinions of us, characteristics inherited from our caregivers, and universal themes that endlessly course through our life.

Therapy is an invitation to wake up, to get to know your heart, and to set free your unlived dreams. Be generous and engage in individual therapycouples therapy, or trauma work

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