PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT provides information about an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and personality functioning. It yields invaluable insights regarding diagnosis, intervention, and prognosis. It is generally used to answer a specific question, e.g., What is underlying my child’s disruptive behavior at school? But it can also generate a description of personality structure in its entirety. The central goal of psychological assessment is to provide specific and useful recommendations that will help the individual being assessed to realize their full potential. 

To develop a full and integrated picture of the individual being tested, I combine multiple procedures and methods of evaluation, including interviews, rating scales, questionnaires, as well as cognitive, academic, and personality measures. Regardless of the presenting problem, I assess an individual’s current functioning across several domains (e.g., mood, memory, academic performance, etc.) to rule out alternative explanations for the presenting symptoms. I also closely attend to culture and other contextual factors, e.g., family, community, socialization, language barrier, and such. Assessing the broader contexts in which an individual functions provides important data for differential diagnosis and treatment planning. 


I offer psychological and psycho-educational assessment for children, adolescents, and adults. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about psychological testing. I am happy to answer any questions about how it could be helpful to you.